Retro World

September has definitely been the month for Sew Cute Workshop to just go-go-go. A convention here and a fair there. Here’s an update of the latest in my convention/fair quest.

My last convention was Retro World Expo. A place filled with arcade machines and old timey video games that you can think of. Besides old school video games to play, they also had some new ones, a live band, panels, and special guests. Retro World definitely inspired me to make a couple of pins. These are my original designs of arcade machines that I have available in my RedBubble Store as well as Storenvy.

arcade buttons display.

Retro World Expo was a great place to be if you want to remember your childhood games and buy merchandise but, it wasn’t as great when you want to be a vendor there. The hosts had the idea, but not enough foot traffic. In addition, if you reconsidered on going as a vendor you didn’t find out until later that you wanted to back out on the event.

Here are some Pros and Cons:
Pros: Exposure, Some-what friendly staff, a good community of artists, a spokesperson over the com telling the events in the coming hours, AC
Cons: Not a lot of foot traffic, expensive ticket, ridiculous sales tax, can’t bring outside food, band noise was too loud, (very expensive hotel -that’s if you prefer convenience), AC wasn’t on when setting up and pay for parking.

If you were a vendor there or plan to be, feel free to comment below or PM me on my email for any comments.

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