NJIT Mini Con 3

Thank you to everyone who visited the Sew Cute Workshop booth in March. This was Sew Cute Workshop’s second year attending the convention. An angled photo of our booth next to Yoekko(Chibi Youko). It seemed that not many people attended this year, but it’s probably because it’s vacation time for students or everyone is conventioned out. Over several months Sew Cute Workshop has been trying to make an online presence so we can send more adoptables to wonderful homes. Any recommendations is welcomed to set up an e-commerce. Thank you again for everyone who visited and my wonderful kitten – … Continue reading NJIT Mini Con 3

Card Captor of the Clear Cards

Hey everyone, Hope everyone had a good New Year or will be enjoying it this coming February. Just heads up to all my fans – Sew Cute Workshop will be having some exciting adoptables. One of these adoptables is the lovable Keroberos from Clamps’ anime and manga Cardcaptor Sakura. He will be available in the following conventions: KindaCon & NJIT. In addition to new adoptables, we applied for another convention in the Fall. This will be a first for Sew Cute Workshop to have a 3 day convention and in the Fall if we get the table. Continue reading Card Captor of the Clear Cards

What’s Little Christmas?

A coworker of mine asked if I could crochet baby clothes since I made a baby blanket for another coworker’s maternity leave. The baby clothes was for baby Jesus in a nativity scene. Each Christmas until the Three Kings they dress up baby Jesus. I made this cute seal outfit for baby Jesus – thinking he was about the size of a baby. My coworker dressed up the baby Jesus and this is the result. Continue reading What’s Little Christmas?

A Hint of Green

Adding to the list of Star Guardians comes Pix – Lulu’s flying companion. Pix was a bit tricky with a hard color contrast at the tips of the wings. The other obstacle in making Pix was joining the ball it carries. The following is a before pic of Pic. In this pic the tail, hair, and wings are not attached. There are 10 crocheted pieces to assemble Pix. Some status updates for upcoming conventions that Sew Cute Workshop will be… NJIT Mini Con in NJIT KindaCon! in Morristown, NJ Unfortunately, we will NOT be attending CPAC this year because of … Continue reading A Hint of Green

Kiko’s Adventures – Day 7

These past few days have been hard on me that I need a break from working. They work me to the bone. It’s probably because my coworkers Multi are workaholics. This is a post from two days ago of my time at Starbucks. I am feeling the Fall Season. I ordered a Pumpkin Spice Latte and loving it. I usually order the Tall, but I’m feeling Grande because of how hard I’ve been working. I wonder what my master is doing while I work. I’m looking forward to the weekends. Continue reading Kiko’s Adventures – Day 7

Kiko’s Adventures – Day 6

I met my new coworkers today. It’s a coincidence that they are my friends in battle. Their names are Multi. That’s their name collectively. It seems that their master is stingy about giving them money too. I like taking it easy at work. My motto is the less work, the better. Multi, on the other hand, love to work. Maybe because it’s easier for them since they have each other. I have no one. D: Speaking of having no one, I’m pretty sure there is supposed to be a third Multi…huh. Continue reading Kiko’s Adventures – Day 6